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Edited by Jaap Grave and Irina Michajlova. Reviewed by Russian peers. Published by Moscow Nauka in 2018.

The collective monograph "Tranfer of Dutch, Flemish and Scandinavian Literatures to Eastern Europe (1945)" includes works by specialists in Translation Studies from Belgium, Czech Republic, German, Netherlands, Romania, Russia and Serbia. The topic under discussion is the dissemination of Dutch-language literature, on the assumption of ideological similiarities and differences in and between the communist states of Eastern Europe during the chosen period. Not the binational perspective or bilateral exchange between particular cultures proves to be fruiful, but the mutual comparison between several countries and their mechanisms of selection, introduction and promotion of authors like Anne Frank and Louis Paul Boon. The hypothesis that the German language area, notably the GDR, had been the port of transit for many East-European countries, especially before 1970, is found to be true to a large extent. The phases in the selection and integration of Low-Countries literature are compared with the phases in the transfer of Scandinavian literatures to the USSR. 


  • Ton Naaijkens, By way of introduction.
  • Jaap Grave, The GDR and Dutch literature. 
  • Irina Michajlova, Dutch and Flemish literature in the USSR (1945-1990).
  • Wilken Engelbrecht, Sorela or Dutch literature through Czech socialist realist eyes (1945-1990).
  • Jelica Novaković-Lopuš, Dutch literature in Yugoslavia.
  • Gheorghe Nicolaescu, From pure propaganda to meta-literary reflection. Paratexts accompanying Romanian translations of Dutch literature published during the communist dictatorship.
  • Jaap Grave, Theun de Vries in Eastern Europe (1945-1990).
  • Jaap Grave, Eva Schumann translates Theun de Vries in the GDR. 
  • Wilken Engelbrecht, Theun de Vries in Czechoslovakia.
  • Maxim Kopylov & Irina Michajlova, Theun de Vries in translation: did the Russian translator use the German translation?
  • Boris Zharov, Russian translations of old and modern Icelandic literature. 
  • Elena Krasnova, Russian translations of Danish literature (1945-1990).
  • Aleksandra Livanova, Norwegian poetry in Russian translations.
  • Polina Lisovskaya, Some general comments on history of transfer of Swedish Literature into Russa and the USSR.