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The collection centers on two different areas of interest: Russian/Slavic Studies and Netherlands Studies. Visiting hours: Monday – Friday from 10:00 to 17:00.

Profile of the collection

The collection regarding Russia contains a lot of reference books, surveys and such, but also a respectable amount of monographs on Russian history, art, culture, and language. In the collection special attention is paid to St Petersburg/Leningrad. Most of these works are written in English and some in Dutch. Main target group: visitors from The Netherlands: course participants, students, researchers. Most of these books can’t be found in Russian libraries.

The collection regarding Netherlands Studies is smaller and, unfortunately, less balanced. Since we aim at a Russian target group and mainly collect works in English and Russian, the result is that history and art of the Dutch Golden Age are overly represented.

Library NIP
Library. Photo: NIP

Special collections

A special place is reserved for the collection on the relations between Russia and the Netherlands. This collection is not just an overlay of both previously mentioned collections, but rather a specialisation, a distinct set of books written in both Russian and Dutch.

Anthony  Dake was the first post-war newspaper correspondent in Moscow from 1960-1964. He donated his rich collection of books, including some rare ones, about the Soviet Union to the Netherlands Institute.  Mr. Dake showed some special interest in the tense relations between Russia and China during Khrushchev’s rule. 


Only the relatively small collection of Dutch literature and movies (DVD and VCR) from the lecture room can be borrowed, but for study purposes only. The library books can’t be borrowed, unfortunately, but there is a (limited) option of copying the books.

Announce your arrival at the secretariat, then put your bag in a locker and sign the guest book. The library is now at your disposition. There are comfortable reading chairs and work spots with access to the internet. In the building a cafeteria is located, where you can have a decent and nicely priced lunch.